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More Weekday Weddings

Posted by admin May 31, 2009, under Weddings

A recent news story told us how fewer marriages are happening on Saturdays these days. Saturday has been the traditional day to get married for many years, and it made a great deal of sense – people aren’t at work and there is the whole day to prepare, and, for the bride and groom, it doesn’t ‘waste’ a day of annual leave which could be spent in much more fun ways during the honeymoon.

However, these days Saturday surcharges can add a significant amount to the cost of a Saturday event, so avoiding that day can save money. It can also mean the availability of a venue is more likely, as Saturdays can be booked out for a long time!

As fewer people feel a need to spend their Sunday at church, and more services, such as hairdressers and florists, are open on Sundays, the ‘day of rest’ as a wedding day has become more practical over time.

Some people are also running weekday evening weddings – again this can mean a favoured venue is actually available, and for less money.

Overall, not restricting your choice of wedding date to a Saturday offers more flexibility and options to the Day of your Dreams.

What do you think? What day did you have your wedding, and why?

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