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Celebrants open for business on Valentine’s Day!

Posted by admin February 14, 2010, under Weddings

Hearts “No vows today, the registrar’s clocked off” cackled the Brisbane Times this morning – apparently the story is that you couldn’t get married on Valentine’s Day in Brisbane this year, because the registry office was closed (it being Sunday, after all) while other state’s registry office was open, so you could get married down there.
The ignorance of some journalists is appalling – apparently they can write articles about getting married without any knowledge of the over 2,300 celebrants working across the state.
Sure, its probable that not all of those celebrants would take a booking on a Sunday, but to imply that you couldn’t get married in Brisbane today is just *wrong* – celebrants are busy working across the country. There are far more ways to get married than to head down to the city registry office!
Book a Authorised Marriage Celebrant for your wedding – you can married:

  • in a garden
  • on an island
  • on the beach
  • jumping out of a plane
  • in a hot air balloon

I’m sure you could even find a celebrant who would perform a marriage underwater if you looked hard enough!
The registry office being closed is not a reason not to plan your wedding for Valentine’s Day!

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